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The FlashDesignory was founded by Thorsten Kober (me!), a Software Engineer, who focuses mainly on front and backend programming, game and mobile development, cross-platform applications and basically anything else that runs on code...The site's main purpose is to showcase my passion for creating and developing interactive content. Take a look around, check out some projects and don't forget to leave some feedback before you go.

Please note that I wasn't able to update any content for a while now... I'll try to catch up with my site in the next few weeks / months hopefully.


Clean design and great usability is the main focus for front-end development. Development for web is mostly done in HTML5, Javascript, CSS3 or with React.


For back-end and server-side development, Node, PHP, mySQL and MongoDB are my current choices..but are usually dependent on server requirements.


Doubleclick, Sizmek, Celtra, Flashtalking


About me

Hi! My name is Thorsten and I am a Software Engineer at Hulu.

The previous life

When I grew up, I never liked computers - I hated them. When my brothers picked up their joysticks and spent hours playing games, I picked up my guitar instead. Music was my first passion and I successfully resisted to buy a computer until I needed a website for my own music. I broke down and purchased a desktop. A friend of mine told me he'd teach me how to create a website and all the sudden computers weren't that bad. It took a couple years before I decided that it was time to change careers (roughly 15 years or so). Music was good to me and I was satisfied what I accomplished, but something needed to change - yup - the real job!

The early years

I started at Eclipse Advertising where I was working in the IT department. Maintaining workstations and the network was a good start, but it wasn't my calling. I got an opportunity to learn Flash and Actionscript since there was a need for "someone who knows Flash". I got to take classes at UCLA Extension and I spent every free minute to teach myself whatever I needed to know to become a Flash Developer. I got to work on projects for Nissan, Konami, IMAX,...

I spent some time at AvatarLabs, where I started as an Interactive Developer, grew up to become a Software Engineer and moved on to Part IV where I am currently working at.

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